Our Concept

At Alchemy Aesthetics we provide up market, quality services in a casual environment. We want to make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible, we like our atmosphere to be fun and relaxing. We treat you like family, making sure you have a drink and a chocolate.

We believe in being inclusive and respectful to everyone.

Not only do we care about how you feel we also care what impact we have on the environment. We put a lot of effort and thought into making sure we do as much as possible to minimise our environmental impact.

All our products at the salon are vegan or vegetarian and cruelty free. We separate and recycle every component of our business. Cardboard, plastics, metals, hair, coffee and waste - recycling 95% of salon waste. Our main colour choice is biodynamic, organic, sustainable and supports fair trade networks.

Not only do we provide fabulous hair transformations, we also provide tanning, waxing and skin treatments. So don’t forget to talk to our beauty and skin experts.


You can now Buy Blackbird Ballard Perfume / Parfum and Incense online right here!

We are the only Australian stockist and ship anywhere in Asutralia.