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Spray Tan Workshop

The Alchemy Aesthetics professional spray tanning class is a one-day intensive workshop where you will learn everything you need to know to provide tanning services at salon quality level.  

Tanning is one of the highest requested, in-demand services in a constantly changing industry. Having the skill to tan in-salon proficiently is becoming increasingly more important.

You can use this skill set to become a mobile spray tanner, create a business all on its own, apply confidently for that tanning job or refresh your own knowledge.

On completion of this workshop, you will feel confident in performing professional spray tanning treatments.




COST $120 (usually $200)

Attended Before? Completed SHBBBOS001 - Apply Cosmetic Tanning Products. COST $60 (Usually $100)


  • One Model - to arrive at a time that will be provided

  • All attendees and models must be 18+, or have written consent.

  • No previous qualifications required

NOTE - Tanning does not require a certificate to provide. This is not an accredited course, however, will provide a more relevant representation of how to spray tan in the work place.




Class outline:

·       The active ingredient: DHA and How Tans Work

·       Why spray tan over sun tan?

·       Client consultation

·       Pre- and post-tan tips

·       Tan solution theory

·       DHA theory

·       Tanning technique

·       Complete client check out

·       Cleaning equipment

·       Pricing


·       Tanning Technique

·       Practical Application